Thursday, April 10, 2008


At 3:35 am, I have seriously contemplated my bodies inability to eat
Mocha Mousse at 9:00 pm.
In the event that one might want to drive from Tampa to New York, in one fell swoop.  This dessert might be the answer.
So, this my virgin blog shall be a spiritual sharing of the recipe for said item.

Dragon Mocha Mousse

  1 Large box of Jello Chocolate Pudding (cooked type)Use 2% milk (just because)
         Follow instructions  for cooking

•  ADD
 2 tsps. instant coffee (reg or decaf) to the hot milk while the pudding is cooking.
 1 Dragon Jam

 Thickened pudding into a bowl.
 Place plastic wrap immediately on the surface of the  pudding.
  Let cool

1 Small container of Low Fat Cool Whip

 Chocolate chips, or anything else you think would be cool.

 Cocoa Powder that is dusted through a strainer on the top.

Serve cold, Yum!